Our Services

We know our clients require the highest level of construction expertise. As a full service firm specializing in the health care industry, Central is uniquely qualified to fill the roles listed below.

Construction Management

Central’s years of expertise ensures that construction proceeds in the safest and most cost-effective manner. As construction manager, Central offers a GMP (guaranteed maximum price) during the design process, with a fixed fee.

We begin working with the project’s design team in preconstruction. During preconstruction we make recommendations regarding materials and labor, building systems, and equipment.

From there, we work closely with the professionals to monitor the project’s budget, scheduling, design, and to evaluate the project’s constructability. Central assures our clients that construction is performed in accordance with established rules and regulations, and in collaboration with the project team, leading to a swift, safe, and cost-effective building process. It is this sound planning up front that often prevents budgetary or logistical issues.

General Contracting

Central acts as a general contractor when clients have already completed their construction documents, and have opted to work directly with architects, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, expediters, or other consultants.

In this role, Central bids construction projects based on the completed plans developed by the client and their consultants. After award of a project, Central and the project team jointly develop a project schedule.

Our clientele have come to know and trust our reputation for staying on budget. This is because Central meticulously manages construction activities in order to maintain the established specifications and completion schedule.

Design Build

Central has distinguished itself in the role of design builder, and many clients have come to know and trust our ability to execute the entirety of a construction solution.

As a design builder, Central takes the reigns of the entire project from conception to completion, offering the owner a total project cost. Central oversees all the professionals the project requires and monitors the programming, design development, and construction documents. Central also handles awarding jobs to subcontractors on a competitive-bid basis.

Budget, schedule, and safety are paramount concerns; Central maintains tight control over all three. By allowing Central to be the single point of responsibility for every aspect of your project, we ensure your vision is realized.

Project Management

Central acts as a project manager for clients who prefer comprehensive guidance for their construction project.

In this role, Central works with the client at the project’s earliest stages, developing a complete project schedule and budget that meets the client’s requirements. With this counsel, clients are empowered to make prudent and practical decisions through this complex process.

After the initial consulting stage, Central remains involved in the project through its completion. We’ll help procure and supervise all services required for a complete project including Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Equipment, Furniture, Security, Telephone/Data, and any additional project components.

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