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"I’ve worked with Central Contracting now for over twenty years. As an architect I don’t tend to recommend contracting companies as personnel change often and work quality comes and goes. Central’s approach has been to keep and develop core personnel with them over decades. They have extensive experience in the development and Healthcare sectors of the construction industry. Unlike other builders, Central’s senior management stays on the project throughout the course of the work, insuring seasoned professionals can weigh in on complications that inevitably crop up during construction. Lastly, I’ve found that Rich Simone acts as a great in-between for architect and client. He understands phasing, construction technique and planning issues and contributes effectively to cost considerations and project delivery. We generally are not fond of design-build relationships, but in Central’s case, we happily make an exception, and we’ve delivered many successful projects working with them. I heartily hope you consider using Central on your next project; you will not be disappointed."
Charles Calcagni AIA
Charles Calcagni Architect

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