St. Barnabas Hospital

New Steam Plant
St. Barnabas Hospital
Construction Manager


Kallen & Lemelson

Project Completion Date:

November 2014

Project Size S.F.:

New York, NY

St. Barnabas retained Central Consulting & Contracting as Construction Manager for their new freestanding Steam Plant. The 6,000 SF structure replaces the existing steam plant which ran on #6 oil. The new plant has three 22,000 BTU boilers and a new emergency generator, the systems are controlled by a state-of-the-art SCADA system and BMS. The new plant is tied into the existing steam piping system which is located in an adjacent building across from the campus’s main entrance. The connections required excavation of the main entrance in phases, detailed logistics planning, staging and traffic and pedestrian control.

The $18 million financing for the plant was insured by HUD. Central worked closely with St. Barnabas and the A&E team throughout the early phases to review constructability to help determine design and construction budgets.

The building was planned with additional space to allow for the addition of Co-Generation in the future.

This project was completed on time and under budget returning savings to the owner.

Upon inspection, Robert Daly (Former Boiler Director for NYC Department of Buildings) stated: “This is the finest boiler plant I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. I want to have every one of our inspectors come here to see how a high pressure steam plant is suppose to be designed and built, and I love those access platforms!”

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